Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the beach house

One of the first cool hang out places I found here, and probably still the best. Though I discovered later with a friend that it's not always reachable at high tide (which would explain the water in the "basement," not pictured).

 I've been taking a lot of foot pictures, lately, as a way to show I'm in a place. Pretty sure I stole the idea from Pat Tillett.


  1. Awesome! That is my kind of place. Could you tell me how to get to it? (please!). I thought I knew where most of the odd things are around your area, but I guess I don't!
    Have you been up to the ruins of Knapp's castle? It's off of East Camino Cielo Road.

    1. sorry to get your hopes up, but this isn't in santa barbara. i moved to washington a couple months ago. that's why you've never run into the beach house. ^_^

  2. Oh man! I had no idea that you had moved. I hope you are happy there...

  3. Great pictures! Email me... bouncinbarb1960 @ aol!!!

  4. Replies
    1. haha, guess i haven't posted in a while, eh? i just haven't been doing as much creative stuff lately. but i did take a few nice pictures the other day. perhaps i'll pick some out to throw down here in this little cyber coffee table. ^_^