Friday, September 21, 2012


so many past stories
i can't go back and fix the endings to
so many chances
to hear birds in the morning
without kneeling
so many ways i could've faced the scarecrow
head on
like a crash of lightning
yet i stayed in my box
pretending this chunk of cardboard was the tardis
traveling through all of space
and all of time
fighting the monsters in my head
dear me, i thought i was traveling
i didn't realize i was hiding
from the sky

now here i am faced with everything
from a view of desert mountains through dusty glass
to the crystal i left at the party
the crystal earring i left in your van
ocean cliffs covered in mist
a mishipeshu tattoo
and models of kokopelli everywhere
i need to hear the crystal bowls again
or the sound of an airplane not taking me away from something
but bringing me to something
for my tardis vision has vanished
and i'm lost in time