Wednesday, August 15, 2012

turtle island

i just can't seem to find enough sea glass
to build the vase of my dreams
and as i glue the fragments together
i can see the obvious differences
between what i'm doing
and what i thought i'd be doing

i waited a lifetime on turtle island
hoping i'd find you there
but your ship never came
and before too long i sailed away
to a place of headaches and regret

it's not that i haven't loved this journey
it's just that i thought it'd be over by now
i thought we would be
sprawled out in the sand
covered in sea weed
laughing at the sky
laughing at our own stories
of the time we spent apart

i thought i would be
standing with you like i was in my dream
feeling the type of bliss i've blocked from my waking sense
because there's no sense in remembering
what may not come again

and what would it take, i wonder
for me to break away from this old longing?
how happy would i have to be to forget you?

if you could let me know you've forgotten me
a part of me would die
but another part of me could live

though i'd rather go back to turtle island
and meet you there
and bask in all the parts of dreams i've hidden away

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