Thursday, July 12, 2012

"this dead end street gives false hopes of going somewhere"

and when i look at these dreams that kept me going for so long
i'm not sure, anymore, if those things are for me
or if they're someone else's story

maybe my story has already been lived
all in all, it's been a beautiful one
of shining faces and brilliant songs

my story is the one with so many traintracks
a heart-shaped rock tossed into the woods
eating avocado for the first time in the desert
and the mellow high of driving for hours

is it time to cast aside the images that used to comfort me
the truths i used to think i knew?
is it time to stop thinking the past is the future
that there are keys in the places i've been
to unlock the places i'll be?

everything's all tied up
everything's connected
but it needs to be untangled and woven

(these were just some lines from last night. not a finished poem, but it's unlikely to be finished, now, since my mind has already wandered to completely different places.)

1 comment:

  1. Unfinished or not, it's still good. Granny used to say that, the only way to escape the past, is to ignore it. I try to do that. Not always easy, but I try...