Thursday, June 28, 2012


we're only here for the same thing
that feeling of
something to explain me
and everywhere we go, the same search
each stage another chapter in an unending saga

there's no happily ever after, we knew that
but what we didn't know
is there is never anything at all that can be called a conclusion
real life episodes blur together into chaos
at no point
do we stop and rest
we journey, we battle, we bury our dead
the rebuilding of the kingdom never finished before the next battle

we're here for the same thing
someone who loves us for who we are
and not who they've invented for us to be
though we're just as much an invention to ourselves

what do we do with ourselves
when we've finally realized
how little we understand?
how do we understand
a world which does not wish to be understood?

up late drinking coffee
browsing novels online
and waiting for a message i won't receive
some habits never die, others just recur
and at first they seem like
reawakened corpses from the last magical blast
zombies of instances passed
and that's where we so often screw everything up
if we're not smart enough to know
that we don't really know anything
that everything
and everyone
is new
every time

1 comment:

  1. It's good, it's personal and it contains a line that damn it, I wish I'd thought of.
    zombies of instances passed! Love that.

    It sure seems like I spent a great of my life
    searching and asking questions. At some point, I finally hit upon the answer (at least for me). There is no frigging road map to this trip. I also think, this IS all there is. We wander about (even if we never move) and play the next hand as it's dealt. The hands change and the good things start to happen when we finally become happy with ourselves and stop needing others to make us whole. Until then, it's Mr. Toad's wild ride... Great poem Ven!