Monday, June 18, 2012

change is subtle

who am i kidding
thinking i could cast this play
thinking i could cast myself as the sun?
there's no refunds, you know
and i've already bought the ticket
to a film that's probably not showing

i pushed chemicals out and pulled tides in
became the ocean with my breath
i linger on cliffs
silently mouthing the words to my favorite songs
at the top of my lungs
doing all that
transparent eyeball shit
trying to know all of existence at once
when i don't even know what i'll be tomorrow

in case you wanted to know
what it feels like to let everything go
and try to grow something new within
most of the time, it's like some gentle thread of weather on your face
sun or rain, wind, or whatever you like
peaceful brilliant fulfillment
but every now and again, it's like this
claws ripping at your eyes
blinding you to everything but the likelihood of your own failure
and it's in these moments
we realize
we're actually doing something


  1. Wow! That is so good! Have you ever tried to get any of your poems published? either online or otherwise?

  2. Pat - no. have you? i've always admired your poetry and would definitely buy your book. you should include some of your remarkable photography in it, as well. then maybe i'll copycat you and do the same. once you've prepped the market with your awesome stuff, no-one will care that mine's not as good. ^_^

  3. Nope, other than a few on-line publications, I've never tried. I really appreciate your nice words, thanks for that. I haven't been writing very much of it lately because I've been too happy. I know that sounds odd, but I really don't care for "happy" poetry that much. I certainly don't like to write it. Based on what you write, I'm pretty sure you feel the same way. Ven, there are a ton of web based poetry sites that take submissions. Some of them actually print, but most remain on-line. A lot of people look at them also! You should think about that.

    As to getting a book together, I just don't know if I can do it. I'm so damn A.D.D. that I have trouble doing anything to completion. Lately I've been thinking that I made a mistake when I combined my photo and regular blog together. It almost seems like I'm stuck with photos now. I need to change that and slip in some other stuff now and then. I think you just inspired me post more writing...