Wednesday, August 10, 2011

$8 wine

who did we think we were
treading across night like we owned the place
waging emotional battles with no war paint
our words drifting to the earth like feathers?
the first salvation ever found
was in a bottle of $8 wine
we drank it straight from the bottle
the tides left without us
we glided upon the grass
and the moon danced with us
the type of dance that lasts forever in the soul

what did we think we could do
keep the grass warm forever
keep the icy weave of sky above us
and never return to the modern world?
we can cleanse ourselves with smoke
but all the cigarettes on earth can't keep dawn away
and we can bathe ourselves in time
but it'll never wash away the scars on our feet
because we danced, my friend, oh how we danced