Wednesday, July 13, 2011

satisfaction in a pinprick

we're told to just distract it all away
let the song dissipate in the wind
and never call it back again
"that's what life is"
"that's what life is"
"that's what life is"
you hear it enough, and you believe it
even when the answer is "fuck you"
even when you know you've seen better
it's been miles since you've tasted that bliss

the allergens, the constant
fighting for something real
meaningless to those who've never clung to the mast
of ship drug by tentacle arms into a black sea
to a bottom of sand and sky
with palm trees waving in the current
bound and drugged into a false utopia

we stride among them
waving our arms and cursing
and laughing
"there's more to life," we say
"we've seen it"
"we've seen it"
"we've seen it"
but the proper thing's forgetfulness
the proper thing is apathy
and it's so easy to lose touch

when emptiness hardens in the mold
we don the weightless armor
and look to the sun with blinking incomprehension
like waking up to a forgotten dream

this, in its own way, is as beautiful a song


  1. You've got me thinking now.
    I always hated it when people would tell me something like "that's life." I never understood why we had to accept what happens to us that we don't like under the guise of "that's life!" I know to a certain extent it's true, but that doesn't mean I have to like it or accept it.

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