Wednesday, June 15, 2011

dream fragments

i remember more dream fragments lately than anything drawn out and elaborate, but here are some bits that interest me enough to write down:

* me and some friends sitting at a table at the last booth on one edge of a large bay. the booths were actually natural formations in the rock that people stuck tables in between for outdoor dining at the beach. before we could get a chance to order our food, a "volcano" errupted in the ocean behind me. it resembled a goldenish-brown mountain melting into the ocean, with chunks of it flying up into the air (not like real lava, but melty goldenish-brown pieces falling all around us). i wanted to stay and watch, because i'd never seen a volcano before, but my friends convinced me that the beach was being evacuated for a reason and i'd be able to watch from a safer spot.

* i was standing in line at a department store to buy a pet lizard. it was a baby lizard that looked just like the full grown lizards that occupy the gardens outside the buildings here (about the size of my middle finger). when i asked how big the lizard was going to grow, the cashier (a small young woman with pure white hair) went back into the pet department and brought up a turtle the size of two fists to show me. while i was waiting for her to come back, the lizard crawled into my hair and started purring.

* a black lab wearing a light on his head was leading two lost boys down a dark path. since i didn't know where i was supposed to be either, i followed, too. we were eventually on a boat that was taking us out to a larger ship. the two boys were nowhere to be seen, the dog had become Hallucination, and we were surrounded by sexy and scantily clad pirate women. i got jealous because the pirate women were prettier than me. as i was preparing to leave, Hallucination and the pirate woman he'd been making out with were looking at me not with anger or judgement, like i'd expected, but simple curiosity, and i realized there'd been some kind of communication error.

* i went to visit my old high school locker (one of my recurring dream symbols) and noticed that it had been left open, and anyone could have taken anything from it. as i looked through it, though, i realized no-one had. in this version of the locker dream, there were a lot more people around me also checking their lockers and there was also a lot more stuff inside my locker than usual. the girl whose locker was next to mine was watching me with an appraising look (which appeared to be on and off disgust and approval) as i sorted through what was in the locker and threw away all of the garbage i'd been storing (which was a lot). there were also good things in the locker, though, like chocolate, that i uncovered when throwing away the garbage.

have i mentioned that sometimes i think my locker in my dreams represents my soul?

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  1. Wow...
    No script for these things, they just take us where ever they want. I have some pretty weird dreams myself. Especially so when I take a particula kind of medicine for my allergies. I like them though...