Wednesday, June 8, 2011

closer than you think

the things you need can also be the things you want
unlock the freedom
to start your day
after years of striving to make the most of every choice
you might be exotic
looking for people to write
to shape each issue of rain honestly
but you can give us something just as beautiful
every night before you go to bed you bake smiles in the woods
today i am more than just technology
i learned this from your sight
i kept hearing people say
possible side effects of living
and i honestly didn't think i would ever trust
halfway through efficiency most demanding i got tired
you carried me home
intensive repair
32 feet and 13 hours after and still i'm not ready
i can't believe how you can see through my skin
stay dry during downpours
rescue opinions from winter damage
your ingenuity yields a restoring shine
you can draw a map to every warm morning

jan 27 2010 (magazine clippings)

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