Monday, May 2, 2011

what we learned in outer space (paintings vs. unnecessary setbacks)

alcohol is a vice. beauty is a vice. cigarettes are a vice. truth is a vice. meaning is a vice. i no longer know the literal definition of the word vice. i could look it up in the dictionary, but right now it’s more important that i don’t know it. it gives me something to say, something to melt my case upon for onlookers breathing in plastic to smile. life. itself. is a vice.

on any true path to progress, the progress itself is seen as not worth mentioning. if i am now a pengin, i do not want to be remembered as a cushion. that is behind me. that is gone. therefore it is nothing.

i do not want to be remembered, thought of. i do not want to be known.

i do not want people to look at me and think things, positive or negative, that are not in direct relation to that which is before them at that exact moment. thoughts, voiced or unvoiced, not pertaining to the present are made up mostly of lies.

(02.28.08, myspace)

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