Monday, May 2, 2011

midland area lusk possession

everybody in the midland area had the following two items because during the Great Depression the goverment payed each household $100 to convert their dressers into toilets (i don't remember the name of this one) and to convert their chairs into lusks.

a lusk (as quoted almost exactly from the documentary i was listening to in my dream) was "an author's idea for turning a portable chair into a tv that swiveled around to a bookshelf on the other side, in order to see whether people read more books or watched more tv, by observing which side was facing out more".

this was like a television documentary, except that it wasn't on tv. it was playing in my head to educate me about the midland area because i was there to visit a friend of mine. at the time, i was helping to serve things at some kind of outdoor party, and when i got to the table of the guy i was there to see, someone at his table mentioned something about mirrors being drawn to him.

(05.20.08, myspace)

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