Thursday, April 21, 2011

we can walk away

this is normal
the half-sung melody stopped on cracked lips
humanity bled and castrated
forced to act until it's
forced to think until it's
forced to feel
until it can be forced no more
the subtle rape over decades
taken on in suffocating calm
once you lose an ear, what's an eye?
once you lose an eye, what's a tongue?

there will come a time
we may not live to see
when all of this will stop
and only those incapable
or showing blatant disregard
will be survivors
there will come a time
when being passive will mean
neglecting our human needs
as opposed to our animal ones
a peaceful revolution in which
we realize we don't need this system to survive
and we turn a blind eye
to the struggles
of those who've turned a blind eye to ours for so long

you will be forgotten
the moment we've formed defenses
against the weapons you wield

you won't be forgiven
when all there's left to do
is turn away in silence

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