Wednesday, April 6, 2011

sojourner cafe

i'm looking through a window of familiar words
trying to see myself
or even a slightly accurate picture
of who i am to you
because, you know
any issue not seen from all sides
is far from truly seen
these are my thoughts as i wait for the bus
as i order a glass of wine
as i read and remember
i'm more than what i've shown you

i want you to see all of me
though i don't know how much of this is real
and i don't know if who i am
is anything close to something you could love

i see her rising from the ocean
blue hair and bone necklace
calling for your heart in song
and i say i want to be like her
before i remember what happens with sirens

and every time i come so close
to being in love
rubs another sandpaper scar into my skin
because there's always a way
it seems i need to be
something other than what i am

-March 1, 2011

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