Monday, April 18, 2011

reading old diaries before burning

in real life
it takes several months
to wake up from a lotus dream
you think you understand the words on the wind
and belong there
you think you can feel the spirits of the earth
telling you to stay
and as you try to step out
to glimpse a fragment of what lies away
you're looking for any reason not to
continuously tugged by the tentacles of desire

in real life
it's not a thing you can force yourself from
you have to wait for the high to run its course
for the tentacles to die and crumble to dust
for something shiny to distract you
into making that final step
and when you wake up
you'll see only a shred of what was there
what was so real, for so long, almost forgotten

in real life
the treasures that mean the most to us
the pathways that consume us
drown us, bury us, bring us to life
don't always exist

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