Monday, April 18, 2011

the voices of souls

i remember the dizzy time
lying on the couch, movement terrifying
a calling of crows to one another
in graying sky otherwise silent

it was just the vitamins
i took to be healthy
making a mess of a mind too vulnerable
it was just iron poisoning
another temporary physical ailment
the kind i always think is something else
something much more personal
a sickness in the soul

i assumed it a bad omen
the crows my only comfort
a reminder that something right then
outside of me was living
that there was more to this existence
than me and the inability to sit up
i thought it meant something was terribly wrong
that someone i loved was going to die
like talking to ancient gods in the pulse of fever

there was a pause in my writing
a pause in my thinking
a break in the dream
and i realized
not every part of me would survive

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