Wednesday, April 20, 2011

dreams: i locked my key in my room

(original post 1.15.10)

i was in staying in a hotel. it had terrible plumbing problems, but overall i was happy with the room and the way the sunlight slanted in through a sliding door leading to a porch. i decided to go down to the lobby and enjoy some of their continental foodstuffs. just as i got outside my room, i realized i'd left the room key in there. i figured it'd be no problem, that i'd get assistance from the front desk on my way back.

the food the motel had layed out for its guests turned out to be a massive banquet of breakast, dinner, and dessert foods. choices galore. so i grabbed a paper plate from a stack inside a basket also containing m&m's of multiple sizes, shook the m&m's off, and begin examining the tables of food to make my selections. there was so much to look at, i was very slow and careful in my choices. but other people kept pushing around me to snatch things away like they would die without them.

by the time i got to the desert table, i'd ended up with two styrophome to-go boxes, like everyone else had, that i was working on filling. i set my dessert box onto the table to begin scooping some of cake into it, when a lady cut right ahead of me and started scooping as much of the multiple kinds of cake as she possibly could into her own container. she was taking so long by taking so much, that i was starting to grow impatient. just as my mind began to wonder, she took the cake knife and started hurriedly scooping the sweets from my dessert box.

i shouted "that's mine" a little too loudly. she stopped, and everyone in the room turned to look at us. the cake lady was looking at me like i'd just slapped her. "well, it was mine," i said defensively. the room was waiting for something to happen. finally, i apologized. "look, i'm sorry i yelled it you. i was just surprised. you see, that box you were scooping the cake from was mine that i'd set in front of me while waiting for my turn with the cake scoop." her expression changed to a look of "oh that makes sense," and the room went back to its chatter.

later, but before i'd made it back to the front desk to ask for someone who could let me back into my room, i was with my cousin K, looking through a bunch of random stuff on shelves (a hotel lost and found turned thrift store). i was just about to mention that i wanted to get back to my room, when i noticed that one of their unused greeting cards had a note paperclipped to the back.

the note was topped with a manga-ish drawing. i don't remember the words exactly, but it was addressed to someone named Matt, and the gist of it was her wondering if he was still mad about the abortion she got, even though other people who've never even understood her hadn't judged.

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