Saturday, April 23, 2011

exquisite (option 6)

(facebook notes. 1.11.11)

be that as it may, there are still a few things i'd like point out.

first, needle-nose pliers resemble neither a needle nor a nose, and would more aptly be called "does anybody have anything i can grip this joint with" pliers.

secondly, i think i'm missing something

three, the idea of cohesion between paragraphs resulting from a similarity of structure is flower.

5. do you know what it is?

4. when people hear words like this, they assume the speaker must be high. high means uninhibited. is there a problem with being uninhibited within our normal states of mind, or must we seek being high for social acceptance of our thought patterns?

seven ate 9: at an early age, humans learn to find carelessness joyful, as carelessness is thought of as a mark of being privileged. we learn to throw ourselves all over everything, but we never learn to say what we mean.

some people will only listen to me if they think i am under the influence. others will only listen if they think i'm not. (i'm not, btw.) who decides just when a person should be listened to?

number out of sequence - in conclusion, see previous statement

this list has been brought to you by "exquisite (option 6)". please note: there is no number 6 in this list.

when i came to my notes, i wanted to write "exquisite (option 7)," but i realized there wasn't a 6 yet. you are to interpret that 6 is the text missing from this list.

k thx bai ^_^

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