Thursday, April 21, 2011

dreams: green skin


i was sitting at a bar when i noticed a hard green lump on the back of my left hand, about the size and shape of a mosquito bite in the center, with trails of green spreading across the rest of my hand. i asked the people around me if they new what it was.

turns out i was poisoned by a shard of metal from the junkyard, which made me suspect that the person next to me, a friend in the dream, had accidently jabbed me with the shard when he touched me earlier.

the nice bartender woman used scissors to cut the skin of my hand into liftable flaps so she could insert little plastic packets to suck the poison out. it was a peculiar process. three cuts of about an inch or so in different directions. i wasn't sure why the poisoned blood had to be sucked into plastic packets or why the bartender put a piece of cloth bandage on my hand underneath a triangle flap of skin, instead of over the cuts. i worred the skin was going to die if left like that, but i couldn't get her attention to ask when i was supposed to take it off.

what the poison does is make you turn green and eventually hardens your flesh. when i looked it up on the internet later, i realized that after a certain point in the spread of the poison, the doctor's advice becomes "lie down and spend the night thinking about your life, because for you there is no tomorrow." once your heart and lungs turn green, it's only a matter or hours before they harden and you die.

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