Monday, March 7, 2011

dreams: a spirit fish and an undead cat

i was at my parent's house watching tv and a show came on in which David Usher was guest staring. i watched the whole opening in awe, as it was a monologue by him explaining what the episode would be about, then searched franticly around for a vhs to shove in the vcr during the first commercial break.

for some reason, they chose him to play a native american guy. the show was about people connected to the spirit world, specifically those who could help the spirits of those passed reach their next destination. his character was some kind of psychopomp, and he explained how those who've recently died, though now a part of the spirit world, were too young to know where to go.

one sign that a person had the ability to connect with the spirit world was the ability to see beings (usually animals) in places where they aren't. for instance (and here i was apparently part of the story) i was walking through a parking lot and saw a fish in a mud puddle too shallow for any fish to really be there.

i reached down to see if i could touch this spirit fish, and it tried to bite me.

anyway, the vhs i'd put in ran out of tape before the show was over, and so all i had recorded was the middle chunk. i was too distracted looking for another tape to see how it ended.

- - -

another dream was about my cat Hunter being dead. except she was more like undead. she was just sitting there not moving, and that's how we knew she was dead, but when i tried to pick her up and set her on a cushion, she started walking around.

i went through the room looking for things for her to lay on, random pillows, blankets, etc, and offering them to her, but she refused everything. i felt so useless, as i had no idea what to offer a dead cat to sleep on. eventually she walked away, and i was worried i might never see her again, as she was dead afterall.

- - -

Hallucination's dreams were also pretty friggin cool, and i'd document what he told me, but you can't really write down someone else's dreams without missing some key factors, i would think.


  1. Wow, that's pretty cool stuff. There's supposed to be meanings behind every one of those dreams yet we can't always make sense of them. Happens to me an awful lot.

  2. Dream 1: Two arrows struck Aragorn in his back near his shoulder blades. One more arrow drove straight through the center of his body. Gandolf was his betrayer. Apparently Gandolf doesn't like to torture mortals with fantastic magical abilities.

    Dream 2: Children running away from a social gathering, being chased by some random people. They scale a large cliff and discover a cave in which to hide. The cave is too dark for them, so one of them lights a match which glows blue.

  3. That was very awesome stuff

  4. It's great that you write down your dreams. Sometimes it can help you make associations to your waking life over time. Even if not, they're cool to remember. I keep having dreams about rescuing abandoned animals recently. No idea why.