Sunday, January 16, 2011

we're not Harry Potter, but we're still pretty cool

~this is the dream i just woke up from. the cast includes Shane Dawson, my long-time friend Aimee, and, very briefly, my friend Josh who i haven't seen since high school.~

we were riding around in a magical car, until another car came to stop us in the road, blocked us up next to a wall, actually, and Shane realized that this must be the guy whose car he mimicked, wondering why this car wasn't at home in his garage anymore.

the guy, who may very well have been Wash from Firefly, grabbed the front of Shane's shirt, like he was going to lift him off the ground with it, and Shane quickly changed the car back to it's true form, an oldish, light blue, boxy thing. the guy released Shane and stared at us stunned.

somehow, during this interaction, the police had shown up and were arresting some other guy who'd been hunting us down to kill Shane. i got back in the car to talk to Aimee, and she feared that the cops were going to take Shane back to rehab, since they were here. she told me about how he'd been addicted to ritalin, but clean for three days now.

she gave me a small red box with a message in it and told me to bring it to Shane before he was taken away, so he could read it later and be inspired. the message was basically about how if he continued to stay clean, she would eventually kiss him.

i brought the box over to where the cops were leading the strange killer guy off in handcuffs and the guy who'd thought his car had been stolen had Shane by the arm and was leading him away somewhere. i asked if i could carry the box to wherever they were going and drop it off for Shane, but the car guy told me to hand it to Shane, instead.

Shane took the package in the arm that Carguy was holding onto, and took my hand with the other. then, all at once, the three of us were transported to a desert wilderness.

Carguy explained that we were beneath a magical soundproof barrier, and he demonstrated this by rapping his knuckles on the invisible barrier behind him. suddenly a flash of green spread across an invisible dome over us and disappeared again.

he then told Shane about his secret mission, which i do not remember. i just know that it was very important no-one could hear us, and it explained why that guy had been trying to kill him.

when Carguy was done talking to Shane, he sent him back to where we'd been. (i'm pretty sure he'd forgetten about me by this point.) Aimee showed up where Shane had been sitting and surprised Carguy.

this is where she explained that her magic was the ability to observe any magic anyone else does, even only once, and understand and be able to mimic it.

she told Carguy whatever it was she'd wanted to say, and then he transported both of us back to our vehicle, which was now a dark blue minivan parked between some barrier poles in an unfamiliar parking lot, and we had to hurry and get inside, because we were apparently being followed. Aimee got in the back with Shane, and i took shotgun, next to our getaway driver Josh, and off we drove.